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Project Description

Rich in oats, Chef’s Mix; oatmeal bread mix is a mixture that helps you to make completely antioxidant, nutritious, of high quality with its flavor, color and scent breads that satiate.

Chef’s Mix; Oatmeal Bread Mix 25 kg.
Water 15 kg.
Yeast 1 kg.

Dough Temperature 22- 24°C
Kneading Duration With Classic Mixer for about 35-40 mins, With Spiral Mixer for about 12-15 mins
Waiting Duration “In bowl for 15-20 mins. After that it’s kneaded.
Applied yeast on in a pan for about 40 – 50 mins (28 – 35°C) ”
Cooking Duration Temperature is adjusted according to oven types. (170 -190°C). Recommended cooking duration is 35-40 mins.

Package options :
Industrial Package : 10 Kg ( For professionals )

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